Company Expansion

Dear Friend,

I want to thank all of our sponsors/investors who have supported us over the years – to help us grow  FPi Christian, your Bible store. In addition, I want to thank “YOU” for taking the time to read this letter and/or for being a valued supporter of Small Businesses.

It is by the generosity of many people that this company has developed: whether through sales, investments/donations, or word of mouth – publicity. We appreciate your contribution. You are a valuable asset and benefit to our future Business Plan to effectively position the company and spread the "Gospel/Bible" primarily in the United States, and secondarily to the world through internet sales.

FPi Christian Bookstore was formed in 2014, with a solid management in place, to sell and promote the best-selling book of all time, the Bible – a proven book that changes lives for good.  Additionally, we sell and endorse good books, and superior media entertainment for your benefit and enjoyment. In a world where "immoral behavior” is almost commonplace we are resolute to uphold all that is "GOOD," with integrity, so that you and/or your children along with my children can live in a safer and better world. 

We have a clearly defined and closely followed company strategy, in connection with an Annual Plan to chart a prosperous course in business management, which is integrated in a strong Business Plan to attract capital for company expansion. The business plan considers and outlines the following: summary, concept, current situation, market, market segmentation, consumer analysis, competition, product features and benefits, competitive analysis, positioning, advertising and promotion, sales, research and development, operations, people, profit and exit plan, and financials.

At this time the company seeks $7,000 for short-term working capital needs to purchase 33 cases/boxes of Bible (700 Bibles) to stay in business. A successful small business owner constantly seeks working capital/funding to survive, sustain, and grow the business. Thank you. All donations are treated as income, in compliance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). 

As you consider your budget we hope that you include us in your giving, especially during this time of year. Please click the “Donate” button below and give whatever amount you can afford – any amount you give is greatly treasured and will be used effectively toward company expansion. Or, you may send your special gift/check to us by mail: payable to FPi Christian Bookstore, P.O. Box 1417, Rosamond, CA 93560. We honor your charitable spirit in making the Bible available to Boys & Girls, Men & Women. We all can be “Celebrities” or bright “Stars” in God’s eyes. We wish you continued success.

Again, we want to "THANK-YOU" for your financial support and for shopping with us at FPi Christian If you prefer to buy Bibles from us to show your support that would be fine, too.

We look forward to serving you.

Most sincerely,


Travis P. Foster


FPi Christian Bookstore