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Imprinting your personal name, your church or organization name is available for $2.00 per Bible. 

Now available with optional 3rd line of imprint for an additional $1.00 per Bible.




Two lines of 30 spaces each is possible.  Be sure to count the spaces between the words. 

Please make sure the number of imprints is the same as the number of Bibles you ordered!
    If you order 17 Bibles you need to order 17 imprints. 
    If you order 30 Bibles you need to order 30 imprints and so on. 

Minimum order of 16 imprints. 
Even if you order 12 Bibles you still have to pay for 16 imprints.  

Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery of imprinted Bibles.

Please contact us if you have any questions about imprinting!

* No returns accepted on imprinted Bibles.


Our Price: $2.00

List Price: $166.80

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Example: "Name" / "Location"

(3rd L) means "Third Line."

Description (Detailed): 

Available in black, burgundy, blue, royal purple, dark green, pink, and white. Choose color.

Presentation Page

Double column format
7 point type
Words of Christ in Red
3 Full-color maps
Key Bible Promises
Harmony of the Gospels
Miracles of the Old Testament
Miracles of the New Testament
Parables of the Old Testament
Old Testament Prophecies of the Passion
Parables of the New Testament
Words Which Have Changed in Meaning
Plan of Salvation
Imitation Leather
5 1/2" x 8 3/4" x 1 1/4"

Version: King James Version / Publisher: Hendrickson
Print size: 7 point font (Compare print size here.)
Page edging: White
Pages/Length: 640

NKJV Gift & Award (Case of 24)

Description (Detailed): Features:

Presentation page / Bible cover colors: Black, Burgandy, White, Blue
Topical subject headings
Illustrated dictionary/concordance
Full-color maps 
Words of Christ in red

Version: New King James Version
Format: Leatherflex
Style Lining: Die Cut
Color: Black
Print size: 7 point font (Compare print size here.)
Pages/Length: 704
Trim Size: 5-3/8 x 8-1/4 x 1-1/16


Description (Detailed): 


The NIV Award Bible in a two-column, red-letter edition, with a picture and an attractive presentation page in the front and two full-color maps in the back, is economically priced to make it the perfect gift for promotions, confirmations, and special achievements.

Available in burgundy, black, blue, purple, white, or pink. Please choose color.

Note that the pink Bible has a wrapper that says "...for Kids"

Please note that this bible has a flexible cover and will not hold up if stored in a pew rack.

• Revised edition with readable typeface.
• Words of Christ in red
• Priced for gift giving by churches
• Full-color presentation page.
• 2 full-color maps.
• Overview of the Bible.
• Teachings, Ministry, Miracles, and Parables of Jesus.
• Life in New Testament Times.
• Dictionary.
• Die-cut Leather-Look™ binding.

Print size: 6.6-point type (Compare print size here.)
Size: 5 1/4 x 8 inches
Page count:736 


NLT Gift & Award Bible (Case of 24)

Description (Detailed): 

The Gift and Award Bible offers today's most popular features including book introductions, dictionary and concordance, words of Christ in red, full-color presentation pages and maps, and a durable binding at an affordable price. The words HOLY BIBLE are on the front cover. Perfect for individual gift-giving or for churches.

Published by Tyndale House Publishers

Product Details
Title: NLT Gift & Award Bible (Black Imitation Leather Edition - Case of 24)
Edition: Black or Burgandy Imitation Leather Edition
ISBN-10: 1414302061
ISBN-13: 9781414302065
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Published: Dec 2004
Dimensions: 5 3/8 x 8 1/4
Pages: 832
Type Size: 7.25 point
Language: English
Translation: NLT
Case Quantity: 24
Reg. Price: $191.76 ($7.99 each)


ESV Gift and Award Bible (Case of 24) 


“Gift and Award Bibles” commonly refers to Bibles that have a flexible imitation leather cover. By their design they are usually inexpensive and used mainly as gifts or are given away for awards in Churches, Christian Schools or Bible schools. Because of the variety of colors available Gift Bibles are popular with children or for school projects.  (amg)

KING JAMES VERSION (KJV) Gift & Award Bible (Case of 24)


This gift & award bible is perfect for giving away. The cover is an imitation leather and comes in a variety of colors. Please note that this bible is not suitable for pew racks.

List Price: $167.75

List Price: $223.71

List Price: $239.77

NIV Gift & Award Bible (Case of 28) Imitation Leather

Our Fundraiser Price

Our Fundraiser Price

Our Fundraiser Price

Our Fundraiser Price

Our FPi Christian Bookstore Charity & Christian Schools Fundraiser Price

Description (Detailed):  

Special occasions call for a special Bible to celebrate them. The affordably priced Gift and Award Bible makes bulk-buying convenient, so that a church or group can honor everyone who is graduating, being baptized, or being recognized. This Bible includes a presentation page, introductions to each book of the Bible and rounded corners. It is a Bible that will not only commemorate important moments in people's lives but that they will cherish for years to come.

Presentation page
Introduction to the Old and New Testaments
Explanation of the plan of salvation
40-day reading plan

Product Details

Title: ESV Gift and Award Bible (Imitation Leather, Black - Case of 24)
Edition: Imitation Leather
ISBN-10: 1581343752
ISBN-13: 9781581343755
Publisher: Crossway
Published: January 2008
Dimensions: 5.375 X 8.25
Pages: 768
Type Size: 7.0
Language: English
Translation: ESV
Case Quantity: 24